Shackled City (A Very Unique 5e Rendition)

Fancy Parties

They get ready for the party t the cusp of sunrise-

Ouija- black wedding dress w/vail

Mariah- Rhianna dress

Vender- fine tunic

Jabrona – weird eastern thing

Jojobo crushed velvet.

All looking nice.

They attend the party. Jojo and Vender win some money gambling. Jojo wins an arm wrestling competition against a strange dwarf named adrick and wins his left eye, which is a black diamond (although he has another in his pocket.)

They all order delicious food, the best of which is the venison meatballs, which are divine. Mariah gives a crappy performace of “rainin’ men” and embarrasess herself.

Anhkhin Taskerhill gives her a patronizing round of applause and a tosses her a single platinum piece.

They are called to the back room by Celeste by her employer Davked. THey are sent to find his long lost son, captured and held for 10 years in a Kuo-Toa ruin deep in the underdark.

They are given horses to get on their way.

Before they leave, they take their new kid, Terrem, and sign him up for an apprenticeship as a Pathwarden in the Striders of Fharlangan. Terrem seems excited to become a Pathwarden.

The group sets out to find the dwarf, Zenith. They look for Jared, an old wizard hermit who lives in the hills.

They pass through the hills until they get to a huge area of terrain that looks radically different from the rest of the northern hills around Cauldron. It looks like beautiful green rolling hills, almost artificial. THey are beset upon by a man who looks like a king and calls himself King Jared.

Jared sends the characters on a crusade to drive some orcs and a giant and a wyvern out of his territory.

In return he gives them some darts of shocking, a staff of defense, and a bag of sable moonflower.

(He still insists on calling the characters Paladins, Ouija the “Priestess of Althena”, and Mariah “The Princess Serafina”.)

They plan on setting out for the Kuo-Toa ruins of Bhal-Hamatugn the next day.


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